Vilous RC 2077 - "It's Just a Scratch!" -- 1 T-Shirt

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It is RC 2077.

Citizen, are you ready to ramp up your Cyber vibes? Jumpstart your hyper reflexes with this highly fashionable, new and original design done by Raptoral and get ready to experience a Futuristic side of Vilous.

Featuring a Sergal who got down with the drive towards augmentations and cybernetic implants to enhance whatever they may felt was needed in order to brave the harsh future and perils of Planet Tal. Don't worry about that minor scratch he's endured, we're sure they've got top of the line reconstructive cybernetic repairs to fix their endoskeleton and reinstall their mainframe.

Big community thank you for your continued support and to the artist for working with us to bring you all more designs.

Product Features
  • Official Vilous Mechandise designed by Raptoral 
  • 100% cotton Preshrunk jersey knit shirt
  • Printed in the USA!